Rice kheer Recipes

Kheer Ingredient pudding
Kheer very famous and tasty dish of world .master sheaf focus on kheer ingredient tips my blog rice kheer is a very tasty kheer very yummy and tasty big hotels resort lodges and home small and big people like this dish Pakistan and India very popular dish

  1. 1/4 cup long grain rice washer and drained
  2. 4=5 cup milks
  3. 2 tbsp almond blanched silvered
  4. A pinch of saffron tread stoked in a little hot Milk
  5. 1 tbsb skinned pistachio nuts chopped 
  6. Tbsb raisins optional 
  7. 4-3 tbsb sugar or as desired
  8. 1/4 cup long grain


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